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 WARRANTY - AHF-ALL HARDWOOD FLOOR LTD. Residential /Commercial /Gymnasium


Warranty Information. 

WE OFFER A LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY On our  Residential & single  or multi family dwellings Premium Installation hard/soft wood Floor floors or flooring, Sanded on site Flooring coated with Glitsa(tm). Swedish Finish(conversion varnish)

A standard installation warranty of Two years on all  pre finished flooring of our supply.

Various Gymnasium coating Warranties (see below)


Terms and Conditions

A hardwood floor should last a life time if looked after properly

Never use anything more than You have to , Too clean your wood floor floors flooring and stairs.

I suggest that the surface be keep grit and dust free weekly with a Dry Tack Rag.

A vacuum cleaner is ok if you have the right one with a 6-inch brush with non marking wheels.

This warranty covers flooring installed for residential use only. This warranty covers the original buyer, for as long as he or she owns the home in which the flooring is installed. This warranty is non-transferable.

 The following situations are not covered by this warranty:

  • Products installed in a basement( below Grade level), or directly over a concrete floor, or in a room equipped with radiant heating; For your INFO( hardwood floors need extra protection from the heat of a radiant slab. A method which works is to  Bostiks Best(tm) urethane glued  full trowel plywood 4x4 or 6millemiter cork 2x3 to a level within flatness tolerance properly cleaned primed and patched concrete radiant heat slab, before you glue down a 7/16th x 3&1/4 only Hardwood floor material with a specific 30 degree or better to vertical grain angle.
    Some of these hardwoods are Fiddleback Maple or Flame Maple, edge grain American Black(nigri) Walnut, Quarter sawn  Red or White Oak. Edge Grain Cherry.

  • Reduction or dulling of the floor's shine or gloss, which is normal and is not considered surface wear;

  • Shrinking and/or expansion of the floor, which is due to seasonal changes in humidity and/or heating conditions and is therefore not considered a defect;
  • Fading or changes in color, which are due to exposure to sunlight or intensive lights and, as such, are normal;

  • Scratches, dents or any other damage caused by furniture or appliances, water or other liquids, insects, pets, sand, salt, dust and/or high heels;
    Squeaks are never guaranteed to be taken out in either a New Hardwood Floor Installation or and old Renovation( when specified on and installation Means A 4'' spiral spike  will be employed on an angle approximately where the floor joist is a tidy job is required not a peppering.

  • Damage resulting from  unsatisfactory storage protection, improper care, neglect, misuse, abuse, and/or improper humidity levels,
     Over unprotected crawl space.
    Over Balconies or Garages from within  a home or building dwelling( there is potential for a movement or weak point in the joist extensions to these areas  Plus the temperature and humidity or moisture changes usually converge somewhere   something like a small trickle leak from a roof down inside a wall.

  • Damage caused by the use of abrasive cleaners or improper care products.

    Minor variations in wood color, grain, knots and/or mineral streaks are inherent features of all hardwood flooring products. Such variations are normal and are not considered defects unless they account for more than 5% of the total volume of flooring purchased.
    Watch out  for covering up your heat registers with furniture this can cause excessive over heating and the floor will shrink.
    Protect your investment read more.....
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Gymnasium Installation & services Warranty

Gymnasium Installation Warranty is Four years on a new installation Maple first Grade or  Maple second grade over 2 layers 1/2'' plywood and sprung system.( there are more specifications to a new Gym floor)

New Gymnasium Sprung Floor or Sports floors Installation  more....

Gymnasium Recoating or refinishing resurfacing Warranty is one year on 2 coats Street Shoe (tm) Basic Coatings(tm)

Gymnasium Recoating or refinishing resurfacing Warranty Four years on two coats Moisture Cured Urethane.

Gymnasium Recoating or refinishing resurfacing Warranty two years on single coat Moisture Cured Urethane

Gym Recoating or refinishing with Jonwood three coats is one year

Gym Finishing with MAGEE(TM) All Conference 50 is two years Warranty  MFMA approved

All Game court Markings 4 years in Endura SFC Warranty 4 Years

 *Now using PoloPlaz Moisture Cured Urethane350, Bona™ traffic,  Glitsa ™MAX

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