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All Hard Wood Floor installed a spectacular top nailed oak floor for us

Dave Plant in Vancouver

All Hard wood floors installed a great 500sq top nailed oak floor in our basement. We chose the old style top nailed floor to match the old hardwood floors in the rest of the house. They were certainly the right guys for the job -the finished floor is spectacular. Ken is a real craftsman. He pays a lot of attention to the details, like the nail patterns and the board selection. We gave them the house keys and went out of town for a couple of days to let them work. When we came back, the floor was finished. They started when they said they would and finished on time. I would highly recommend them. It is a shame to cover the floor with furniture. I only wish that I had got them to add some border detailing around the edge, to match the other old top nailed floors in the house. We will call them back when the rest of the houses floors need refinishing. Dave Plant





Refinish hardwood floor

Dennis Secret in Coquitlam

Ken is a pro who takes his job seriously and who is satisfied with his work only if the customer is satisfied. He did an outstanding job on a 50 year old floor in sad condition and made it look new. He knows hardwood floors inside out, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.


 Install and refinish a hardwood floor

Laila Rylandsholm in Coquitlam

Wow WOW WOW - Ken brought life back to our floors and results are fantastic beyond our expectations. He is a craftman, experienced, knowledgeable, a perfectionist with an eye to detail ~ which all show up in the final result. Ken is reliable - he is there when he says he is going to be there, he makes himself available when you need him which is critical when doing a multi trade reno project, he is hard working and his hours are dictated not by the clock but rather by the completion of the job, he is client oriented and friendly. I found him to be extremely trustworthy which is very important since during the refinishing with the Swedish Glitsa products it is necessary to vacate the premises for several days and leave your home in his capable hands. A true professional who I would highly recommend.


Repair & refinish 50 year old oak floors

From ugly and abused to WOW | Frankensan in Vancouver

At our first home, we had a bad experience with getting our floors refinished (with another company), so this time I knew a bit more going into it... All I can say is WOW, too bad I didn't know of Ken the last time. He is passionate about floors. He is on time, respectful, and I am amazed at how well the floors have turned out. I wish I had pictures of before because the floors were so ugly - scratched, water and pet stained, carpet tape, paint, gaps... and now, you'd never know. I never would have guessed that the bedrooms would have turned out so nice - just like Ken said when he came over for the quote... He said that there would be some great variation in colour, that the finish would really bring it out. Bottom line is WOW. Great job... I'd use him again.



Refinishing or sand and finish with Swedish Glitsa

Thank you All at AHF-Allhardwoodfloor Ltd | Janice in Vancouver

Our Maple hardwood floors are thirteen years old as we do a lot of entertaining , charity and fund raising work out of our home our floors wore quickly due to our maintenance of washing with water We found AHF- All hardwood Floor Ltd through JDM Contracting Ken prepared our home by hanging dust barriers everywhere possible and then proceeded to sand and finish our floors WE found him to be very easy to get along with and a very hard working individual He made recommendations based on his knowledge and experience which we listened to carefully and followed We are very pleased with the results Ken is meticulous, competent and very outgoing Definitely at the top of the industry


Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Hallway sand and refinish

Kens detail surpassed my expectations. | Chuck, Vancouver

My neighbor had Ken refinish some floors in his home and I liked the quality of work that he had done. A year later I had Ken come in and refinish the main floor in my home. I left Ken in charge while my family and i vacationed in Calgary for two weeks. Returning home my wife and I were exceptionally pleased the house was locked up and in one piece but we were even more surprised with the beauty of our floors. Ken's quality of work and eye for detail was astonishing. We never thought the floors could nor would look as beautiful as they did. I will have All Hard Wood Floors take care of all my flooring in the future. Thank you Ken for being so informative and the care you gave our home. Chuck



Vancouver hardwood floor refinishing | Ray

I had my floors sanded before and they wore out quickly I found AHF Allhardwoodfloor Ltd at the Better Business Bureau  Ken, Doug and Justin Worked in professional and organized fashion produce over optimum results using Glitsa water Bourne floor finishes over my American Black Walnut floors Thanks Ken, I be sure to Refer you to all my associates round our law firm.


Very difficult site finished feature floor and stairs with Glitsa Swedish finish

Ken Moersch was very meticulous and competent | The Best Place on Earth Vancouver BC

AHF all hardwood floor supplied and installed 1700 Sift of plywood glue to cement radiant heat slab, the proceeded to install Accra quarter sawn red oak complete with 1/2'' walnut feature strip even on radius walls 30 stairs complete with box inlays and two landings he worked 5 weeks 12 hrs a day and completed it on a schedule pretty much to the day he said he would. Extremely tough, Thank you for the opportunity see photos on his site





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