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List of HARDWOOD FLOOR Services:
Stair sets landings and custom feature stairs of all designs regardless of their design including custom Rounds. spiral or 30degree winder.
NEW STAIRS are Installed to EXACT BUILDING CODE TOLERANCES including dressing the sub frame and completely Urethane glued.
Supply of top quality Unfinished Hardwood flooring materials: T&G or square edge flooring
Exotic woods ,Inlayed Borders and feature stripping .
Bostiks Best urethane Glue (tm)is our first choice for concrete plywood and under lay materials .
Hardwood in first grade for Glue down to Dura-son , Ply wood or Concrete Slab ( Maple Walnut and Quarter sawn Red & White Oak)

Hardwood flooring installation- Floor laying
Supply and Installation of all types and species ( various manufacture) pre finished hardwood floors:
Hardwood like floors such as Laminate and real wood engineered
Site finishing of All Species of Hardwood floor floors flooring and stairs.
All Finishes Available: Glitsa(tm) Swedish Finish(Conversion Varnish),  Environmentally friendly,  Water based and borne(opaque) finishes.  Non slip finishes  Regular polyurethane (oil modified) & M37/ MCU moisture cured urethane.
Restoration of hardwood floors: Including wire brushed after fine sanding heritage floors, Scalloped Distressed dual tone antique.
Repairs to most site finished floors: board replacements in nailed down floors and Urethane glued down floors; Re sanding finishing.
Sanding of hardwood floors: with all the specialty sanding machines to get underneath things and dust containment certified with Work Safe BC
Re sanding  Hardwood floors
Resurfacing Hardwood floor
Refinishing hardwood floors
Screen and recoat Glitsa(TM) Swedish Finish a conversion varnish coating
Finishing with All types of coatings. Glitsa (tm) Synteko (tm) Swedish Finish/  Moisture cured urethane / StreetShoe (tm) Glitsa water borne , Dura seal, Bona products.
Gymnasium Game court markings or game lines ( it is possible to remove and replace just the lines )  come on down to our gymnasium services and gymnasium maintenance website Vancouver GYMNASIUM

 Hardwood floor speciality on the menu Items : hard to find services things

7x16th Accra x2&1/4''

7x16th Accra X3&1/4''

Available in Maple, Cherry jatoba, White Oak, Red Oak, American Black walnut, American Cherry

Owens engineered quarter sawn Red or white Oak Glue down 1/2'' thick

2&1/4'' x 3/4'' Mill run Fir flooring  lots of edge grain and fairly clear

2&1/8thx 3/4 ''  VG vertical grain Fir lots of edge too.

 11&1/2'' pre finished stair treads standard in 1and a sixteenth inches thick x 42 or 48 or 54 or 60.

Above 60 '' stair treads are three weeks delivery.

Custom made quarter sawn stir treads of ACCRA

Quarter sawn red and white oak  stairs treads  outside returns left and or right or both

Custom  half inch inlay in floors and stairs skirting, panel cap, risers

top nailed strip flooring 1&3/4 quarter sawn white Oak and Red o Oak square edge flooring with Karled nailer or Senco galvanized hardwood floor nails 15 gauge x 2''

1/4 x 5/16ths black lining ( tempered hardwood cured in muriatic acid

Custom hardwood rounds for Bull nosing or transitions




New game court markings or touch up existing game lines

Composite floor Maintenance/and painting for  V.T.C. Vinyl or VOC Tile Game court markingsAHF-allhardwoodfloor ltd VCT vinyl composite sports flooring with three game courts basket ball volley ball and badminton 604 603 7317


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