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MANY Changes Have occurred  in the past thirty years Standards and technologies both have made the flooring industry better in most cases for the consumer

Today  we face the oncoming 2010 compliance, Leeds gold standard, and environment friendly  or ecology minded process Looking forward to a brighter future for our children.

AHF Believes in this prospect and are actively involved in stepping up to the challenge. We believe in Green Earth and recycling reclaimed  products.

Experience tells us the being a diverse and dynamic company we are always available to use the entire hardwood flooring industries  products as customers are all of different opinions

-------------------------------AHF-AllHardwoodFloor Ltd(TM)

WE use the finest American Made Floor Sanding And Refinishing Tools Clarke American(TM)

A one hundred year old Company These tools offer the optimum Weight Speed And Power in Hp not the price

The machines are almost double the cost of a Hummel(a finishing sander of 165lbs) 


all hardwood floor well maintained sanding machines plus dust containment vacuumAll hardwood Floors usually sand with a twelve inch machine followed by an eight inch belt machine

this leave very little screening to do( screening of bare floors is called burnishing) The beauty of wood dictates that the twelve inch  drum sander run on a forty five degree angle leaves the flattest look

Twelve on a deckAHF-AllHardwood Floor Ltd Twelve inch Floor Sanding Machine on A  Gymnasium Floor

This Shot Below is A 16 inch Floor polisher with the dust containment system used for preparing the finish coat

16Inch polisher with Dust Containment Used Here On a gymnasium recoating All Hardwood Floor Ltd TM